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Aloha and Welcome to The Big Island!
by Les Drent     

Well...you made it. Now don't you feel good? If you are looking for a little direction follow me and I'll guide you around our island paradise.

Woman & Haku

You most likely landed in either Hilo or Kona which host the two primary airports on the Island. Since we can't begin our tour of our Island at both places at the same time we'll start this guide in Kona. For you folks in Hilo...too bad you're out of luck. Just kidding. No worries really...just click below on this webpage and start the guide from the Hilo region. Like all things Hawaiian it's really quite easy. And that's probably why you chose to visit us on your vacation, not to mention our weather, people, interesting culture and warm aloha spirit. Our magazine's coverage of these cultural and historical topics is what separates us from the rest of the advertorial and discount magazines out there so we're glad you found us and we're ready to introduce you to the real Hawaii.

Before we begin the tour let's all remember the phrase, "when in Rome do as the Romans do." In Hawaii this means driving slow, yielding for everyone, and showing aloha to everyone you meet.

Konas bustling Alii Drive and sea wall with Mokuaikaua Church in the background

Three other items that your past fellow visitors have informed me to remind you of are remembering to take off your rings (newlyweds) and any loose jewelry before going into the water; locking your cars even though 99.999 percent of the people in Hawaii aren't thieves; and the importance of using sun block even if you insist on not needing it. My own haole (white person) motto for sun block is, "you'll burn with it, you'll burn worse without it!" With all that out of the way it's now time to have some fun so hang loose...you're in Hawai'i Nei now!

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